Pictures; almost no words.

Last night, Peter and I went to liberate some of the gazillions of snails that have taken up residence in our aquarium. Semi-unwittingly, we chose the sweet spot between thunderstorm and sunset. In the space of about half an hour, this is what we saw. (God, I love living where I do.)

(NB: the odd orange/pink/blue variations had nothing to do with a failure of my camera’s; they occupied the sky together. All I did was pivot and point and shoot.)

Snails: be free!


4 Responses to “Pictures; almost no words.”

  • Kelly:

    Alyx and I were also admiring the sky that evening. Spectacular!

  • Laura pointed at the sky while we were watching TV. It was golden and shining. Never having seen anything like it, we ran outside. It changed completely in a minute, like a kaleidoscope. We went back in for our camera, but few of our pictures are as nice as any of yours though. Thanks for helping us commemorate the great Toronto Cloud Show!

  • Bianca:

    So interestingly enough wired did an article on types of weird clouds. I’m by no means a cloud expert but some of those look like they could be mammatus clouds… then again I never quite had an artistic eye. BUT! for more fascinating cloud pics, check this out! 🙂

    Also, snail liberation is what life is all about. When I was younger I used to go out after the rain and rescue them from the pavement by violently chucking them into the bushes. I am confident a relatively high number of them survived the experience.

  • Marianne:

    Do you realize you took a picture of a deity?! #21!

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