Caitlin Sweet


I’ve been writing fantasy stories since I was seven. My first two novels were published by Penguin Canada in 2003 and 2005; my third, fourth and fifth, by the now-defunct ChiZine Publications between 2011 and 2015. I live in Toronto. I love cats and watch too much TV. My two kids aren’t actually kids, anymore. I’m married to a science-fiction author who’s way more well-known than I am (which is mostly OK). I teach creative writing and have a government-communications day job.

As for my books: they’ve almost always been hard sells. I’ve been told, in past attempts to find both agents and publishers, that they’re too dark, too “literary” to be commercially viable. Hence the move from large press to small. Hence, now, this website.

When my publisher collapsed in dramatic fashion in late 2019, the rights to all five of my novels reverted to me. Here they are. I don’t make my living as an author, which is why you’ll see an option, rather than a requirement, to pay for them.