Even to the Edge of Doom (or, C&P Get Married)

Your introduction to the events of Friday, August 19 is here:


Now mine.


Peter. Giant Squid. Your vows make it clear why I love you: your intellectual rigour, and your honesty, and your eloquence, and the way you leaven these with profanity – they’re the very things that I fell for, even before you made an x-rated cephalopod reference on a rooftop patio; even before you first called me Unicorn Girl, with that heady mixture of affection and mockery that I also loved, right away.

There are other reasons for my love, of course. One day, just over a year ago, when we were about to find out whether you’d be going to live in St. Clair County, Michigan for a while, you said some angry, desperate things. Though they weren’t directed at me, I was still shaken. I’ve never been very good at heated conversation; never liked talking about things that will be upsetting, to me or anyone else. In this case, though, I did respond, also desperately, and tearfully. When I was done you took a deep breath and said, “You make some good points.” And I was amazed – because you’d heard me, despite the incredible stress of your own situation. And that’s the thing – you always hear me. Also, you challenge me with that intellectual rigour I’ve already mentioned – you’re fierce and you’re loving, and I’ve never felt so safe or cherished before.

So today, in defiance of biology and, in my case, experience, I am full of hope and joy and pride, as I give myself to US*.

Now, because dumb little verses played such a prominent part in our courtship, I thought I’d close with one.

There are no cats at City Hall,
Though I’d have gladly brought them all.
Banana (who is very fat)
Would make a fine ring-bearing cat.

But they await us at our place,
That magic bungalowish space,
Where we will live out our shared life
As Squid, and Unicornly Wife.



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