The Pattern Scars has been nominated for another award.

I can’t win this one if you click a little voting dot every day. No–you can vote only once for this one. And it’ll cost you.

Here’s the link to the nominations:

And here’s the link to the voting rules:

Martin Springett, my dear friend and longtime artistic collaborator, has also been nominated for his Pattern Scars work, which you’ll find if you click the “Art” tab. Here’s a little sample:


And it just so happens that Peter (Tall Science Fiction Writing Husband o’ Mine) has also been nominated, for a lecture he gave in the fall for the SpecFic Colloquium. The last of his lecture slides featured an image of St. Peter’s Square, because pedolphiles (he posited) could be the early adopters of the Singularity.

If that doesn’t deserve an Aurora, nothing does.