And the CBC Bookie for Science Fiction, Fantasy or Speculative Fiction Goes To…

The Pattern Scars. I think. The official announcement won’t be made until Thursday, but unless something profoundly untoward happens, I’ve won.

So this is me, bumbling up to a podium and scrabbling around for notes.

Even-more-than-characteristically-effusive thank yous to everyone who clicked for me: my family, friends (actual, Facebookian or both), co-workers at the Ontario Public Service, former neighbours, once and future students, my publishers and fellow ChiZine authors.

Special thanks go out to that Tall Science Fiction Writing Husband o’ Mine (TSFWHoM… “this acronym is getting worse all the time”), and to all the readers of his ‘crawl. Especial special thanks to David Held for generating that wondrous, infernal graph whose different-coloured lines we watched with an amazement which (like that dark blue line) just climbed, as the days went on.

Thanks to everyone who’s already read The Pattern Scars and everyone who’s just decided to. I’m so proud of this book. It makes me very, very happy that more of you might soon see why.

Finally, thanks to that as-yet-anonymous person at the CBC who chose the book in the first place.

Aaaand there’s the music…

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Release Date - October 2015

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