Caitlin has been a writer since she was seven and her grade two teacher informed her that her stories were “too long,” and also that one should never end a story with “And it was all just a dream!” Since then, she has been a trombone teacher, a bookstore clerk, an ESL instructor in Mexico and Canada, an administrative assistant at the University of Toronto, a stay-at-home mother and a labour doula. Now she works full time for the Ontario government and part time for the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies.

Caitlin is the author of A Telling of Stars (2003) and its prequel, The Silences of Home (2005), both published by Penguin Canada and both nominated for a variety of awards. “To Play the Game of Men,” her one and only short story, appeared in 2009 in the Ages of Wonder anthology. Her third novel, The Pattern Scars, was published by ChiZine Publications in November 2011. It too was nominated for some awards, including the 2012 CBC Bookie for Speculative Fiction, which it won. The Door in the Mountain, her re-telling of Beauty and the Beast via Minoan Crete, was published by ChiZine in 2014, and won the Copper Cylinder Award. Its sequel, The Flame in the Maze, came out in 2015. Caitlin is now making decent (for her) progress on a novel that about Louis Riel’s years in the Beauport Asylum in Quebec–though it’s turning out to be about a lot more than that.

Photo by Rebecca Springett